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Do you approve of the growing ipod culture?

It's good because you can store so many songs in such a small device. And it’s bad because now we have far too many choices. We don't settle anymore for a single soundtrack or a single artiste. It's all about download: put it in the ipod, listen and erase. We have stopped valuing and preserving music.

As a kid, I would never let anyone borrow my cassettes. Today, it’s all about 60 GB or 80 GB storage space. Still, the question is – are we really using that space for quality music? Or are we just flipping around with too much flippant stuff?

Who would you say has the greatest voice in the world?

That's like asking which is more beautiful, a rose or a lotus.

Rahman's Fastest Composition

Question: Which has been the fastest song composed by you?

Rahman: Khalbali from Rang De Basanti. It was composed, recorded and mixed in six hours flat. That has been the fastest song that I've ever composed.

I'm surprised. I'm really surprised.

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The upcoming movies of Rahman include Sholay (2006) and The Mahabharata (slated for 2007). As far as I know, after the release of Bose- The Forgotten Hero, Rahman was very upset and in an interview, he made known his displeasure at his music being "badly used" in the movie, most of it used as background music. Also, after the music release of Mangal Pandey-The Rising, he said it is his last period film as he is tired of composing music for period films, etc, etc.

The Mahabharata will be an epic by Mani Ratnam, featuring both Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan for the first time. Rani Mukerji (of however the last name is supposed to be spelled) would play Draupadi. Any ideas why Mr.Rahman is back to composing for period movies?

Source: IMDB, Rediff Movies
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Thanks for the community..

Firstly, glad to see this community. Thanks to all the maintainers and moderators (and beatzo for letting me know about it). It's my first post here so I'll just keep things simple.

Thanks for putting this up on the user-info : And by the way, it's AR Rahman, and not AR Rehman. Though it's a small thing, it really irks me up to see people write Rehman and not Rahman.

There's another small thing I don't like - the space between A and R. 'AR Rahman' looks/feels way better than 'A R Rahman'. And don't like it even more with the dots in between - 'A.R. Rahman'. As a matter of fact, Allahrakha is actually one word. It should have been 'A Rahman' but never-the-less I like the sound of 'AR Rahman' better (maybe I'm used to it now after worshiping him over the years). Coming back to the dots in between, there was a time when I actually went overboard and preached everyone not to use the dots, as it's just one word. But was into a rude shock to see Rahman himself use dots in between A and R. Info source: I managed to get his autograph when I met him in Mumbai for 'Bombay Dreams' audio launch. Also, if you own 'Dil Se' audio CD (which, by the way in my personal opinion, is the greatestestestest soundtrack ever composed in the history of hindi film music), you'll find Rahman's autograph in there - with the dots. The point why I want to say this is the title of this community is 'A R Rahman'. If personal requests are entertained by the mods here, request it to be changed to 'AR Rahman'. I'm saying all this at the risk of sounding fussy about all these silly little things, but I just keep everything to perfection (just like his music) when it comes to stuff related to this zeitgeist.

Another suggestion before I sign off, request mods to get a better layout for this community. Default S1 layout looks rather bland.
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First post.

I was just wondering why noone is discussing any Rahman here.

What are your thoughts on the music of Mangal Pandey-The Rising? Though all the songs are catchy and well rendered, I had said this in a post on my lj sometime back:
The holi song's antara is taken from Rukmini Rukmini - Roja (OST).
Rasiya is very much ripped off a Buddha Bar composition and all that.

While there might be some debate on the above, there is no denying the fact that the piece played before Takey Takey is totally lifted from ARR's composition - Saiyyan in the movie Nayak, which was in turn lifted from a Rajasthani folk (I forgot the song name).

Here is a pic of our man at the music launch of The Rising:

This is a screenshot of ARR's bio on the official site for The Rising- The Ballad of Mangal Pandey:

If you have some idle time and are interested in some info on the movie, music, lyrics, actors, dances, etc. you may want to watch Filmy Fever on Zoom Channel at 8:30 PM. They are showcasing Mangal Pandey all through this week (Monday to Friday). You can learn about things like:
How raju Khan choreographed the holi song
What kinda Saroj Khan dance happens in Vari Vari
What Javed Akhtar thought while penning the lyrics
Different versions of how ARR is godlike, a genius, and all
How ARR wanted the songs to be recorded with a live orchestra and suggested a recording in Prague since a recording in london (where incidentally ARR is working on his LoTR play) would be too expensive
How Kailash Kher couldn't recognize Ketan Mehta during the recording of his songs for Meenaxi

There are also some candid moments with the extremely likeable Kailash Kher.

That's all I gotta say now. Over to you...

Sources: TV, The Rising-official site, IndiaGlitz
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